Bucket List

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
2015 was quite a year. I started a new job that seriously kicked my butt, taught summer school for the first time, painted a set for a community theatre, traveled route 66, reconnected with old friends, and saved lots of animals. Before moving on with this year’s resolutions, err, I mean bucket list -I thought I’d revisit last year’s list. Last year I made  4 broad resolutions.

(1) Keep on keepin’ on with local animal rescue. 2015 was a busy year with 24+ cats rescued, several dogs, a couple of birds, and even a great horned owl who was {and is} very lovely and currently residing at Rogers Wildlife Rehab in Wilmer/Hutchins Texas. {Current rescue count 202.}

(2) Visit more museums. While we did visit the UFO museum {Groovy}  & the Modern Art Museum {Must see} in Roswell NM and the Georgia O’Keefe Gallery in Santa Fe, sadly, that’s where it ended. I have wanted to visit the Georgia O’Keeffe Gallery all my life making it the visit of a life time, though I should have tried harder to squeeze a few more museum visits into 2015.

(3)Reconnect with old friends. We took a road trip this summer to Colorado Springs and stayed with old friends in their cabin as we had been promising to do for quite some years. It was my first experience in a hot springs and my first time to zip-line {Yikes}. Colorado Springs was adorable. Traveling route 66, visiting Cadillac Ranch, and climbing Chimney Rock National Monument and Native American ruins with said friends was awesome.

(4)Write, write, write. My new job was all consuming in 2015 allowing little to no time for writing. Now that the job has been learned it shouldn’t occupy as much time in 2016 and I should be back on track to have my current WIP completed by summer {Fingers crossed and if the river don’t rise}.

On to 2016. This year I won’t be making resolutions, per se’. I have created a bucket list of goals I’d like to achieve over the next 5 years. I plan to update my blog as I tick boxes.

• Sleep in a Haunted House/Hotel
• Visit a Ghost Town
• Tour the Life of Laura Ingles Wilder
• Grand Canyon | Arizona
• French Quarter | New Orleans
• See Mount Rushmore | South Dakota
• Visit the White House | Washington DC
• Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta | USA
• Burning Man | USA
• National Cherry Blossom Festival | Washington DC
• See the Redwood Forest | California
• Go Rafting
• Visit an Exotic Island or beach
• Get Lost in the Woods

• Reconnect with an Old Friend
• Take an Art Class
• Attend a Gallery Opening
• Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner
• Attend Dinner Theatre
• Go to a Renaissance Festival
• See a Ballet
• Attend Cirque du Soleil
• Go Wine Tasting
• Pick Fruit From an Orchard
• Build a Sand Castle
• Have a White Christmas
• Get Small Mammal Rescue Certified for Animal

• Get Published
• Create a Passive Income
• Get my Masters Degree {with honors}
• Write a YA Book
• Write a Children’s Book
• Write an Animal Rescue ebook
• Write a Play
• Direct a Play
• Teach High School
• Teach College

• Redo my Office
• Redo our common area
• Create a backyard escape

Do you have a buck list?


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