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Summer Hiatus

This summer I took a brief hiatus from writing and this awesome post from The Wordy Rose sums it up right as rain during a Texas drought.  Long story short (as Ben’s quote below would suggest) I wasn’t writing, I was doing. My absence for the months of June and July was due to summer school. No, I wasn’t taking  classes, I was teaching them. Twenty-nine struggling 7 year old’s had my full attentions for the better part of my summer holiday. #noblogging #preoccupied #makingadifference

I wasn’t working on my novel(s) either. I was teaching fractions with Legos, percentages with Skittles, social skills and reading with books like my new favorite: Stephanie’s Ponytail by Robert Munsch (don’t be a copy, be an original).

Between lessons we found time for patriotic bingo, ate red, white, and blue cupcakes till we thought we might pop, and consumed plenty of Discovery Education videos with underlying messages about being kind to animals, preserving our planet, and celebrating our differences.

Alas, summer school has ended, preparation for the next school year has begun, and again I am finding stolen moments to write, blog, and pin.

What has preoccupied your summer thus far?


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