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Y is for Fountain of Youth (Fairy Tale Spotlight A-Z)

The Fountain of Youth HAS been found AND it’s in Florida!
 Fountain of Youth and archaeological park in St. Augustine, FL USA.
Legend Juan Ponce de León, was a Spanish explorer and conquistador. Legend has it, in his search for the fountain of youth, he discovered a natural spring in Florida. In 1513 Juan Ponce de León landed in St Augustine. “Diamond Lil” McConnell bought this bit of land in 1904 and turned it into one of America’s first roadside attractions selling fountain of youth water-elixir for 10¢ a glass. Today there is a full-fledged part on the site offering tours and still selling water-elixir.

The Spring House contains the entrance to the original spring.

The Timucua Indian burial site is an important archaeological discovery made on the property.

A bustling Timucua village has been reproduced where live history events take place.

78 years before the pilgrims landed, the Timucuans gave the Spaniard a portion of their village and land where they coexisted nicely until European disease and politically motivated warfare snuffed out the generous Timucuans.

Excavation work continues each spring by Dr. Kathleen Deagan, Distinguished Research Curator Emeritus, University of Florida Museum of Natural History.

Other park attractions include a river walk…

…a replica of an early Spanish lookout tower…

…live history events…

And of course…


4 thoughts on “Y is for Fountain of Youth (Fairy Tale Spotlight A-Z)

  1. I’m glad I finally came across your blog. I only wish it was earlier in the Challenge. Interesting theme. Love it! Thanks for taking part in this years A-Z and I’ve just begun following you. Have a great day. Eva, Minion from Lisa’s Live Wires


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