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U is for Unicorn (Fairy Tale Spotlight A-Z)

If you caught my T is for Traveler and J is for Journey posts  you will likely understand that I am fascinated with Fairy Tale Vacations. (In fact, I am planing a beach adventure for this summer’s get-away to the beautiful Texas coastline rich with pirate history.) One such fantastical fairy tale destination on my bucket list is the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I dream of wander through the botanicals taking photos and notes to inspire future locations for books not yet written and stories not yet told.



Along with the massive living sculptures scattered throughout the property there’s a plethora of art. Real art. I will leave you with my two favorite pieces, by two of my favorite artists.

Dale Chihuly’s Parterre Fountain Installation is a one-of-a-kind sculpture in blue and white, interpreting shapes and colors of water, ice and sky. A captivating assemblage of twisting, brightly colored glass.

Paul Popple’s 8-foot marble sculpture is an organic yet static piece. Stillness and Growth was sculpted on site during the 1980s.


11 thoughts on “U is for Unicorn (Fairy Tale Spotlight A-Z)

    • Lisa, I am sure they switch their topiaries out. I know they do here at the Dallas Arboretum. They did an Alice in Wonderland theme not too long ago that
      was amazing!


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