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T is for Fairy Tale Traveler (Fairy Tale Spotlight A-Z)

The Fairytale Traveler

Let me introduce you to an amazing blogger: The Fairytale Traveler. Her blog is a self proclaimed  “family-friendly portal”  branded around travel, news, and entertainment  based on fairy tales, folklore, legend and mythology. She even posts fairy tale recipes like these Cinderella cookies.  She and her 5 year old  are traveling nerds.  “This is where unicorns and superheroes come together for travel planning, creative juice flowing and news on the fresh for kids and grown-ups too. The world is a magical place. Embrace it.”- The Fairy Tale Traveler


Here’s another blurb from the Fairy Tale Traveler’s about us page, “Ever wonder what a real pirate treasure chest looks like? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of sleeping in an actual castle from medieval times. Perhaps legends of the unseen are more your speed, like the fairies of the megalithic tombs in Ireland. From Vikings to Robin Hood and every Grimm fairy tale in between, we are taking you on an unbelievable adventure around the world.”

“Looking for something with a little more edge? Check out our favorite creepy places like haunted hotels, historic witch trial destinations, and our upcoming American Outlaws series. We’ve even been to a Zombie Apocalypse in the U.K.” –The Fairy Tale Traveler .


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