A-Z Challenge

R is for The Raven (Fairy Tale Spotlight A-Z)

May I present you with my version of a lesser known Grimm fairy tale for your amusement?

Once upon a time, so long ago, nobody but the storytellers remember…there was a queen short on patience. She became so ruffled with her own daughter that she wished she’d become a raven and fly far, far away to a place where mice ran after cats and lions were chased by rats.

And so she became. Because long ago rivers were made of chocolate and wishes could come true, the little princess flew away.

Far beyond the edge of the kingdom a man met upon the feathered princess. Together, they concocted a plan to free her from her curse.  Here in the problem lies. This man, not once, not twice, but three night in a row drank wine with the local village witch (Why? No one will ever know!). Therefore he could not stay awake long enough to free the princess from her winged curse as she rode through town being driven by a team of valiant horses. The raven princess left enchanted bread, meat, and wine (as if he hadn’t had enough) for the man  that would never run dry, but could wait  no longer for her would be savior.

Setting out to look for the raven, the man met a giant intent upon devouring him. In turn, he persuaded the hungry giant with his never ending provisions and hitches a ride upon his shoulder to the Glass Mountain where the princess was being held captive. Beyond the woods, beyond the sea, and beyond the mice that chased cats the man ventured to the Glass Mountain. Because glass mountains make for a slippery slopes (would I pull your leg?), he was required to steal magic items from thieves that would assist him in climbing the Glass Mountain and entering the Castle. Once inside the castle he disenchants the raven back into a princess, and the grass grew greener, the trees grew taller, and the sun shone more brightly than it does today  (and that’s the truth, I swear).


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