A-Z Challenge

P is for Pixie (Fairy Tale Spotlight A-Z)

Pixies, Fairies, and Spites are all terms given to tiny, winged, mythical creature. They are often mischievous and childlike, playing, dancing, and frolicking with their animal friends. I would like to share my favorite Pixie Art Doll Sculptor with you; Rosa Grueso also known in the art world as Nenufar-Blanco of Spain. She works in polymer clay without the aid of molds. I could show you 100 of my most favorite pieces by her and it still wouldn’t be enough. Please accept my humble offering below.



Frog Princess


Mountain Spirits







Narwhal Mermaid


16 thoughts on “P is for Pixie (Fairy Tale Spotlight A-Z)

  1. I don’t know if I trust these little beauties (pixies), sometimes they have sharp pointed teeth. My Irish friend loaned me a book about the Irish little folk and I learned they have tangle fairies. Thanks for visiting my blog! Interesting photo!


  2. Wow…an amazing collection of beautifully sculptured pieces. Thanks for stopping by my Letter P post.
    Congratulations for making it through the end of the third week. I am visiting from Co-Host AJ Lauer’s Team.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal
    AtoZ 2015 Challenge
    Minion for AJ’s wHooligans


  3. Does an interest in Fairy Gardens count? It has turned into much more than children building a fairy garden under a tree. I have created some boards on Pinterest that are images of some wonderful examples. Delighted to read your post. Thanks for the hard work it takes to participate. If you have a minute, come and see what I’ve been up to. I’ll be watching for you.


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