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M is for Mermaid (Fairy Tale Spotlight A-Z)

Koi Mermaid by Bamfette

I love this image by Canadian artist Jill Johansen (deviant art account: Bamfette) so much that I might just need to own it. Mermaids are portrayed 99% of the time as buxom blonde humanoids with blue-green tails wearing seashell bikini braziers. I love the outside-the-box thinking that resulted in this half coy, half human representation. The coy embodiment along with the silky black hair and cherry blossoms give this piece a definite Eastern flair. I have always had a fascination with coy fish as well as lily pads, so this piece brings it all together for me. I enjoy seeing representations of classic fantasy and fairy tale figures in less transitional manifestations.

Yet another mermaid? I know, sorry, but this Asian themed mer is just so enchanting, I can't help but include her as a yet another potential fairy-tale character in my Amphibians novel.I am providing a link to Hans Christian Handersen’s: The Little Mermaid. Read it if you dare keeping in mind it is from the same author as The Little Match Stick Girl.


8 thoughts on “M is for Mermaid (Fairy Tale Spotlight A-Z)

    • The original is sad. I am finding 75% of all originals are sad, some worse than others. Most fairy tales are hundreds, sometimes a thousand years old and were not originally intended for children and contained sex, violence, emotional agony, and death. For the most part they have only recently (last 100 years) been rewritten to make them kid-friendly.


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