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L is for Lion (Fairy tale Spotlight A-Z)

Annie Leibovitz + Drew Barrymore + a stately lion =gorgeousness.
This “Beauty and the Beast” pictorial was shot by Leibovitz and published in the April 2005 issue Vogue.

I'm very enthralled by Annie Leibovitz photography right now. This is a Beauty and the Beast shot with Drew Barrymore.


I have no problem confessing, I am a Drew Barrymore fan. Something about her makes me want to pinch her cheeks. “Fifty First Dates” is one of my favorite movies (of all times) and I am not a big comedy fan. It’s endearing.

Annie Leibovitz is a genius. Look closely and you will see the lion’s head is on a man’s body: Anthropomorphism.

For more anthropomorphism photos check out my Pinterst board.


6 thoughts on “L is for Lion (Fairy tale Spotlight A-Z)

  1. She and Adam Sandler have great chemistry. I love 50 First Dates but I also love The Wedding Singer, especially as I am a product of the 80’s! I love lions too – must be the Leo in me!


    • Yes, have great chemistry. I have seen them do talk shows together too and they appear to genuinely enjoy one another.


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