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J is for Journey (Fairy Tale Spotlight A-Z)

Who needs a trip to Disney World when you can immerse yourself in the authentic world of fairy tales along Germany’s original  Fairy Tale Route? This 300 plus mile journey will carry your through the countryside focusing on the exact locals the Brothers Grimm gathered the narratives for their world-famous tales. There are dozens of castles, museums, houses, enchanted forests, and trails to discover on your travels.

At many stops along your journey, you can personally meet up with real live fairy tale heroes and villains  from your favorite tales and legends via enchanting fairytale-related events, live theater, street musicians, and storytellers. Visit Deutsche Maerchenstrasse to plan your journey.

Little Red Riding Hood’s House – Alsfeld, Rotkäppchenhaus

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Sababurg Castle Reinhardswald Park

Pied Piper – city of Hamelin

Snow White – Lügde Myth Path at Herlingsburg

Rupunzel – Emichsburg Castle, Ludwigsburg, Germany

Bremen Town Musicians – city of Bremen

Bremen, Marktplatz, with the statue of the Bremer Stadtmusikanten

The Enchanted Forest – Wilhelmshöhe Mountain Park

Brother’s Grimm House – Steinau (white house in the center)


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    • That was my first thought too. It is my understanding now though, that most everyone in Germany under the age of 50 speaks English so their shouldn’t be much of a language barrier.

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