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“Rising” by Holly Kelly

“Rising” is a beautiful, well written fantasy romance. I don’t usually read romance, but because I was missing my annual trip to the beach for spring break, I decided a mermaid flick might be in order. I have picked up no less than a dozen books over the past 2 weeks and just couldn’t get past chapter 1 in any of them. Once I cracked “Rising” I had a hard time closing it. The descriptions transported me beneath the sea while the plot kept me hooked.

I love that this tale has secrets that are revealed little by little throughout the story, propelling it forward. Hero: Xanthus Dimitriou has his secrets both on land and beneath the sea. Leading Lady Sara Taylor whose so-called deformity keeps her wheelchair bound (on land at least, wink-wink) has secrets of her own. Through the course of the story Sara discovers who she really is and where she comes from learning sometimes what we see as a disability or a weakness is what makes us beautiful and whole.

I admire author Holly Kelly for not dumbing down her story just because it is written for a teen/YA audience. A pet peeve of mine is YA fiction that has been dumbed down so the youth readers don’t stumble over real world vocabulary and situations. This book assumes the reader has a brain and isn’t afraid to use it. With just the right amount of Mythology and fresh new content this book is a win!

You can grab a copy here: Amazon.

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